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This blog started, like so many others floating around in cyberspace, with the noblest of intentions. It would highlight some writing I liked or was proud of, and hopefully other people would read it too and dig my stuff. It was really as simple as that. I diligently copied and pasted my writing, editing here and there as I went along, all the while applying for jobs in the media. I lived in hope that future bosses would read my missives and find a place for me in their newsrooms. Unfortunately for me, I got exactly what I wanted. It almost put me off writing for good.

I lasted about 6 months in the high-pressure environment of a small town newsroom. I churned out copy from morning until night. Countless hours of unpaid overtime were racked up as I tried to write up a storm in a one-horse town, covering all manner of things that no one really gave a toss about. I became conversant in the lingo and double speak of City Hall, I went to beauty pageants where farmers’ daughters vied to become a queen, I felt like I knew local criminals personally as I put the same names in the blotter week after week. As I wrote, edited, re-redited, edited some more, and then finally posted, I fought to silence the fear making its way into my consciousness, a gnawing sensation coming from deep within me that I had, in the words of George Oscar Bluth II, “Made a huge mistake.”

My last day at that job was one of the best feelings I have ever had. I felt like a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders and placed around the neck of the next poor schmuck.

The miserable experience of professional news writing just about snuffed out any creativity I had left in me. This blog went unattended and hesitant sketches at the plots for short stories gathered digital dust in archived emails. My mojo was nowhere to be found.

But those were the bad old days of 2013. The mere fact that I have typed this is a sign that while my mojo isn’t yet next to me as I type, it is somewhere in the house. So, I’m going to see if I can start tapping out some thoughts on a slightly more regular basis.

Bitches, I’m back.

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